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Since our opening in 1986, we have grown and become one of the most well known gyms in the 4 State area. We are located in Joplin, Missouri and have an outstanding reputation with teaching pre-school children all the way to developing National Champions. We provide our customers with information about our sport and continue to teach and have fun with our athletes. Our programs are very exciting and we strive to continue improving them on a daily basis. We strive to be the best!

Your child is embarking upon an adventure. The instruction and guidelines your child will receive are from a staff with many years of training in gymnastics and education. We feel that your child's positive learning experience at The Flip Shop will be valuable for a lifetime.

Please feel free to ask us about the progress and development of your young athlete. The joy of success is contagious and habit forming. We are ecstatic that you have chosen The Flip Shop!

The Flip Shop is owned and operated by Teddy and Barbara Johnson. Teddy has almost 40 years of coaching experience in the 4 State area. He is a USAG Registered Coach, PDCP Trained and a Skill Evaluator.

Ted has taught thousands of area children. His enthusiasm and love for children can be seen everyday as he excitedly shares his love of the sport with these athletes.

Barbara has spent many years in the corporate world running departments of large businesses. This has brought her experience to The Flip Shop to run the office and manage the business. She is also an experienced Judge for Trampoline and Tumbling and was elected for the second year as the State Director of MO for Trampoline and Tumbling.

The entire staff joins us in this warm welcome from The Flip Shop.


Teddy and Barbara Johnson