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Competitive Cheerleading

 WELCOME to The Flip Shop Cheer!


Thank you for your interest in The Flip Shop Cheer program. We are excited that you have taken the opportunity to learn more about our incredible program! We are anticipating a very exciting and successful year. Even though we are a growing organization, we get to know each individual and help them set and reach goals, learn the value of commitment and teamwork, and ultimately see their dreams come true. By joining The Flip Shop Cheer, you are not just joining a "cheer gym", you are joining a family. We are a very close knit group that believes in supporting one another in all aspects. From practice to competition and everywhere in between, The Flip Shop Cheer family, from the coaches to the cheerleaders to the parents, will exceed your expectations in every way. We are determined that your experience at The Flip Shop is the absolute best it can be. We know that once you experience the way things are done at The Flip Shop, you will know you have found a home for your cheerleader!


What is Competitive Cheerleading?: Competitive Cheerleading is an organization of athletes who are very devoted to cheering. The routines are 2 minutes & 30 seconds and are JAM packed. Competitive cheer consists of tumbling, dancing, motions, stunting, and jumping. it is a very difficult and competitive sport. These girls & boys put their heart and souls into winning and making it to the top.


The Flip Shop All Stars have a team for all ages. Below are the teams and the age requirements currently held by the United States All Star Federation (USASF).

Tiny - Ages 5 & under by August 31, 2018

Mini - Ages 8 & under by August 31, 2018

Junior - Ages 14 & under by August 31, 2018

Senior Coed - Ages 10-18 & under by August 31, 2018

Prep Cheer - Ages 6-13 by August 31, 2018