Tumble Cubs (Parents/Tot) - 18-36 months: A playful parent/tot class centered around special, tot size apparatus with strong emphasis on socialization and group development. 45-minute class.

Tumble Bears (3year olds) - No parents needed here. There are mountains to climb, rivers to swim, canyons to jump, vines to swing and tramps to jump on. More physically challenging skills give kids stronger bodies and sharper minds as well as a clearer understanding of their bodies’ capabilities and limitations. 45-minute class.

Little and Big Bears (4&5year olds) - These kids are beginning to really catch on to the basic skills. We know it is even more essential that they are physically challenged. 45-minute class.

Advanced Big Bear - These kids are ready to step out and move on. Because of their age and attention span they are able to handle a class that is more “skill oriented”. This prepares their way for choosing which program they want to pursue: Girls Artistic Gymnastics OR Trampoline and Tumbling. 1-hour class.

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